chris-redswishWelcome to, I’m Chris and this is my Liverpool blog. I’m a passionate Reds fan from Merseyside and I’ve been following the fortunes of the club for as long as I can remember, let’s just say it’s over 30 years now.

Which means I do remember some great times, also some bad times and just about everything in between.

Football has changed so much over the last 30 years but I have to say that my love for the club hasn’t. I think most people will agree that we haven’t always made the right appointments or signings but at least we’ve managed to remain competitive in the recent money boom that football is enduring. Where this will end, no-one knows.

With this in mind, I am very much behind Klopp and the backroom staff as the team to take us forwards. There are probably some tweaks needed, primarily in the defensive department to get us up to speed but on the whole I really don’t think many would disagree that he seems to be the perfect fit for the club and the fans.

That said, I do enjoy venting my frustration, whether that’s here on my blog, on Twitter or over on Facebook. I also enjoy well structured debate which happens often with many of the site’s fans. Hopefully I can keep people entertained and offer some sort of intelligent opinion that is different to everything the mainstream media is spouting day-in day-out.

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I’ll wrap this up without going on any further. It’s fantastic to have you here, I’m honoured you’re reading the blog and please let me know your opinion on all things Liverpool.