Bundesliga’s Best is Former Liverpool Goalkeeper

After the Spurs game, plenty of criticism came once again on the Reds defence.

Not for the first time our goalkeeping situation has been condemned and with good reason. Yet again we find it back in the spotlight.

The Blame Between the Sticks

The blame was principally put on Simon Mignolet after his clear fault for two of Spurs goals at Wembley.

Although I’m sure Mignolet has been a reliable goalkeeper in a previous life, since he arrived at Anfield he hasn’t been up to scratch.

One Goalkeeper We Should Have Hung On To?

But while Klopp is looking for more excuses, a former Reds goalkeeper, Peter Gulacsi, is making a name for himself and has just been voted the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga.

Yep, a former Liverpool keeper.

Peter Gulacsi has conceded nine goals putting RB Leipzig in third place. His brilliant impulses and positioning have been impressive and German magazine Kicker handed him the top spot for the league’s best goalkeeper.

He was ranked alongside Yann Sommer of Borussia Monchengladbach and Oliver Baumann of Hoffenheim.

The criteria for the standing does not appear clear for most and did not clearly define how Gulacsi won the spot but his accomplishments were certainly impressive to gain him his well-deserved acknowledgment.

He has played eight league games and three Champions league games. He also kept a clean sheet in their 1-0 win against Stuttgart.

Several fans of Liverpool and most football enthusiasts acknowledged Peter Gulacsi’s best assets. He has a good mentality and astounding physical condition. He has also fast reflexes and ball skills which gets better day-by-day.

Gulacsi was with Liverpool for five years but never had the chance to appear for the Reds in the first team. Prior to joining Leipzig in 2015, Peter Gulacsi spent a successful spell at sister club Red Bull Salzburg.

This achievement from an ex-goalkeeper has subdued the disputes surrounding the recent misfortunes of Liverpool.

However, with the direction the club is going based on their last game against the Spurs, do they still have the right players and appropriate gameplay to attain their goals? Or have they taken for granted former players and spent wrong decisions?

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