Christmas Eve Fixture in London Could Cause Uproar

A possible decision by the English Premier League to postpone a match between Arsenal and Liverpool scheduled for the 19th round of the Premier League has prompted one day of public objections to the new deadline.

Liverpool and the clubs hierarchy will continue to voice their opposition to the proposals before Sky Sports announces its festive schedule next month.

The match is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 23, but the date may be postponed to Sunday to mark the eve of the celebrations of most of the world – including England – on Christmas holidays, which means the difficulty of attending the fans of the Reds from Liverpool to London and return in a timely manner due to train schedules.

The reason for the possible postponement is that Sky Sports usually carries a big game on Sunday night, away from the crowded Saturday crowd of games, mainly marketing reasons.

But EPL have not played a big Christmas match since 1995 when they met Leeds United with Manchester United.

A Liverpool issued a statement strongly rejecting the idea of a postponement to December 24, which means that the visitors’ fans will have difficulty returning to Merseyside after the match because of the train schedules on that festive occasion.

The last train from Euston to Liverpool Lime Street on Christmas Eve leaves at 9.21pm, so the 4pm kick off should give away fans time to get back to Merseyside.

Some interesting facts from previous confrontations:

– The reds have beaten Arsenal in the last three games.
– This season will be the 23rd season of Arsene Wenger in Arsenal, aside from Wenger no current Premier League manager has led his team for five consecutive seasons.
– The two sides saw 16 goals in the 90th minute of the game than any other game in the Premiership (Liverpool scored nine goals while Arsenal scored 7 goals).

Liverpool last played on Christmas Eve in 1966, a 2-1 win at Chelsea. The one before that was 1955, again a 2-1 win, at Hull City.

Liverpool are currently fifth in the Premier League with 11 points, one point behind Arsenal.

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