After Heavy Tottenham Defeat, Jordan Henderson Says Reds Should Improve Game

The recent match between Liverpool and Tottenham at Wembley on Sunday which left the Reds with many questions to answer, particularly how the defence was once again seriously exposed.

Jordan Henderson is among the many critics that highlighted Liverpool’s failure to beat Tottenham

So many have expressed points of view regarding Liverpool’s faults and now even Jordan Henderson himself.

According to the captain, the team must improve hastily or get the risk of getting beaten time after time by their Premier League rivals.

“I think we didnít start well at all, so it’s about being ready for the game- everybody, I know Lovren got took off early in the game but it could’ve been anyone of us that came off because it wasn’t good enough.” He said during an interview with BBC.

“I am sure a lot of criticism will come our way and deservedly so we’ve got to change it quickly, otherwise you lose games and you lose them badly like we did today. So we need a reaction quickly, we need to bounce back on the training field and in games, but like I say, I believe we can.” Henderson told the BBC.

“We know there are things to improve and things to change quickly. I’ve got every faith that we can because we’ve got a fantastic team. But we need to work on a few things and change it quickly.” He added.

Henderson emphasised that the whole team took the responsibility as though they have let everyone down, most especially their managers and the fans. And that it is the right time never to allow their standards slip again particularly that they are chasing a Champions League spot.

Jurgen Klopp has also agreed that the Reds will have to meaningfully improve their game so they could turn their form around. There is no time to blame players but to change something that will make things more stable.

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