Instant Reaction: Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool, Back in Form

It’s the hope of consistency that’ll kill you.

That’s how I feel.

I’m one of the last people who would criticise anything about the performance of today. A stunning win away from home. Attacking play as fluid as you could imagine and a defence looking solid with Bournemouth creating only one real chance to get back into the game.

And this is not a criticism, but what I would give for some consistency at this level.

I guess that’s the holy grail, it’s what every club at the top of the league is searching for and what Man City seem to have discovered this season.

It’s not like Klopp wants our form to fluctuate in this manner. But he’s still figuring out the puzzle – different teams and different styles have caught us out this year, much like last year.

The squad is still a work in progress and of course we need new players – starting at centre half.

But the worry now is that we’ll start to lose players too. The constant evolution of a squad is part and parcel of football, especially in modern times but the players that we’re likely to lose will have a huge impact.

We’re talking about some of our best players. Starting with Coutinho.

For most, it looks like he’s gone in January and we have to enjoy him while he’s here.

The next worry is will someone like Bobby Firmino follow him out the door in January? Are we achieving enough to keep these top players satisfied?

The hope is that everyone has bought into Klopp’s philosophy and journey, the way we play suggests they have on a football level. But no player can say their head can’t be turned, especially if a giant club from Europe that is winning trophies comes knocking.

Performances like today’s, with Coutinho, Firmino, Salah and the whole team looking like world beaters will only draw attention and glances from said top clubs.

I think Klopp needs to win something with this squad. It’ll cement the team feeling, the togetherness. Otherwise I worry the squad will start to disband one by one over a few years.

We need to recruit and we need a trophy. That signifies progress.

A stunning win today, and more games come thick and fast. But let’s also have a keen eye on the transfer window, we need to see progress on more than one front.


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