Jurgen Klopp Must Take Responsibility for Liverpool’s Shortcomings

It’s no secret that we’ve shown continuous defensive shortcomings and lack of options defence.

In Sunday’s game, in my opinion, our easy to penetrate defence was as bad as it’s been in recent times.Spurs, on the other hand, barely had to break sweat to achieve their victory.

The Fiascos of Liverpool

The recent game against Tottenham might put Dejan Lovren in the hot seat as he was liable for serving Spurs their first easy goal on target. Lovren showed a disconcertingly poor performance prompting Klopp to sub him during the first half.

However, everyone knows that he is not the only one to blame.

Our midfield was nowhere to be found at the moment where they should be defending and breaking up attacks. The game highlighted the team’s poor defensive set up and appalling midfield’s collective shortfalls.

Mignolet yet again doesn’t look great, he conceded goals from practically every effort on target yet he can’t really be held responsible in this instance. But his coming for crosses is horrendous and has plagued his Liverpool career so far.

The Highlights of Efficient Spurs

Spurs attack was effective, efficient and clean cut.

It was not a surprise that Kane led the way. Imagine his surprise and delight at meeting Liverpool weak and ripe for the taking.

Pochettino was confident even if his defence is considered one of the best in the Premier League. Tottenham has stability that allowed them to become an assertive attacking force too. Their remarkable balance and chemistry of front three defence, midfield and attacks naturally unite the whole team as one.

How Will Liverpool Face the Challenge

Continually, Klopp persists with the same system.

This hinges on the team’s back five without realising that it has seemingly become a liability.

Having no practical substitutes to put out a strong defence for the team can be attributed solely to the manager. He has had enough time to bring in players and defensively he either hasn’t had backing or has bought poorly.

The back five, of which the notable culprits include Lovren, Moreno, and Mignolet lacks the dexterity and control to represent the team.

Among these three, none of them has proven to be good enough to merit a starting place after being given opportunity after opportunity.

Fortunately for Klopp it is not yet too late. I like him and his style – he needs time but he also needs to admit that he has big decisions he should make. Acting sooner rather than later will keep the fans on his side.

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