Liverpool Legends Gather in India

The likes of Fowler, Hyypia, Smicer and Luis Garcia have made the trip to India as part of #LFCWorld, presumably in an ambassadorial role to help grow the reputation and popularity of the club overseas.

As we know, the football fan market has nowhere near been saturated in Asia as yet and due to this, there is still a grab for fans amongst Europe’s biggest clubs in an attempt to solidify them as lifelong Reds (or insert other club) fans for years to come. Even passing this on to the next generation.

Doing this will bring untold amounts of income as well as a growing fanbase – cementing what we already know about modern football, money talks and it’s most certainly a global game.

Fans around the world want to support their favourite teams in Europe, we just want to convince them that we are their favourite team and that they should stick with us. Winning trophies would be one way of doing it :/

Signing an Asian footballer also seems to be another popular route but the Reds don’t quite seem to have hit that sort of low just yet.

So in the meantime, we send over legends. Legends that have won trophies, players that we can bring out when the video from Istanbul is played. India seems to be gripped by it anyway. Take a look at the video published on our Twitter account:

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