Merseyside Derby: Klopp Press Conference

As the hype and tension builds around Sunday’s game, good old Jurgen has been smiling and adjusting his specs in front of the nation’s media once again.

Of course Big Sam came up in conversation as well as little Phil’s future. Watch it for yourself below and I’ve transcribed a few key bits in case you can’t bothered watching the video:

Klopp: “It’s very special, what a week for us – an away game at Brighton, this all or nothing game against Moscow and then a derby against a team with a new manager. Sam Allardyce is one of the most experienced managers in the League. I’ve only been here two years and have played him in three different clubs.”

“I expect good organisation. A clear structure. Some high-level set-pieces. Sigurdsson is born to deliver them. A lot of fight for second balls. It’s much more important for what we do. Don’t expect us to play football like in the last 20 mins against Moscow.”

“We have to start from the ground and be perfectly organised and protect what we do; be ready for hard challenges. Then we can win the game.”

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