The 4 Liverpool’s and European Hopes

Liverpool showed a different side at home to Porto in the Champions League last night.

Yes the job had already been done in Portugal but what we got at Anfield wasn’t totally expected either.

Defensive solidarity and no goals going forward.

Exactly the opposite of what we’ve seen for at least 90% of the season so far.

So is this a sign of things to come? Has the tide turned?

You could almost categorise Liverpool under Klopp in four statements:

Great Attack, Great Defence (<— impossible to achieve even for Klopp?)

Great Attack, Poor Defence (<— most of the season)

Poor Attack, Great Defence (<— last night)

Poor Attack, Poor Defence (<— a very rare occasion)

The first option is the holy grail. We see it in fleeting glimpses but not often enough. I genuinely think Klopp and his staff are working slowly towards it and it’s purely frustrating that Guardiola and Man City seem to have achieved it at only the second attempt.

(I’m not going to mention money at this point – that’s probably another blog post entirely)

The second option is pretty much Liverpool of the last season or two. Personally I think our defensive frailty is a system thing not a personnel thing but feel free to disagree.

The third is almost unthinkable but we glimpse it from time to time.

Correction, the fourth is almost unthinkable under Klopp and long may this continue. It’s something to celebrate, maybe not quite like a trophy but still…

With these four types of Liverpool in mind we turn the page to the derby. Man United. At Old Trafford.

This weekend sees us visit Old Trafford in great form and I’m confident of coming away with 3 points and a convincing win.

old trafford

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The United game is followed up by games against Watford and Palace before the final Merseyside derby of the season at Goodison on 8th April.

Which makes for a tasty upcoming few weeks when you throw in the next round of Champions League football too.

Player fitness will be important, the return of players like Lallana and maybe a slice of luck could see us get into an exciting position in the highest level of European competition for the first time in years. Here’s hoping.

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